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Remoconkakushi (Rimokonkakushi)

Remoconkakushi (Rimokonkakushi)

Remoconkakushi (Rimokonkakushi) - Youkai Watch

Remoconkakushi enjoys hiding television remotes and makes a game out of it. He was devastated upon finding out that you can change the channel on a television without the remote.

Remoconkakushi hides television remotes when people aren't looking. When challenged, he makes it a game. In his game, there are several different levels of difficulty, with the remote being harder to find as the levels increase. In the max level of difficulty, he doesn't reveal where he hides the remote until it's found, but it's usually in the refridgerator.

Japanese Name : Rimokonkakushi
English Name : Remoconkakushi
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Shady (Usurakage)
Rank : C
Element / Attribute : Ice
Favorite Food : Hamburgers
Role : Attacker
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill :
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Remoconkakushi is a purple remote control with pale green eyes and two small purple fangs that protrude from his mouth. He wears a large black and red dracula cape.

Remoconkakushi's name is a combination of rimokon (りもこん), meaning remote control, and kakushi (かくし), meaning hidden.
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