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Orcanos / Black Oni (Kuro Oni)

Orcanos  Black Oni (Kuro Oni)

Orcanos Black Oni (Kuro Oni) - Youkai Watch

Orcanos/ Black Oni is the last boss of / the most powerful denizen of Terror Time, a sub-dimension that can overlay over the real world with little warning beyond a countdown, where he and his Oni brethren inhabits.

Orcanos is the most difficult adversary faced in Yo-kai Watch, and as such, much preparation is needed to take him on. He appears if his brothers, Gargaros and Ogralus, are defeated by the player enough times.

Orcanos is the most ruthless Oni of all, chasing the player down and assaulting them with extreme prejudice. He represents the highest difficulty the game can offer, and can rip apart an unwary Yo-kai team, even at their maximum level, to shreds.

Japan Name : Kuro Oni
English Name : Orcanos / Black Oni
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Tough (Goketsu)
Rank : S
Element / Attribute : Absorption
Favorite Food :
Role : Tank
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill :
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Orcanos strongly resembles Gargaros, being an imposing figure with clawed limbs, huge fangs, and red eyes carrying a huge spiked club. Distinguishing him from the other oni are his black skin color and the pair of large, twisted horns coming from his head, as well as the tribal markings covering his body and face to further accentuate his intimidating figure.

As an Absorption type, Orcanos has no weakness that can be easily exploited. He uses a combination of overwhelming physical and special attacks against the player and is the most difficult adversary in the first game. However, like the other Oni, he does not use Inspiriting techniques, meaning that the three Yo-kai in the rear line can be dedicated to static support effects, such as Everfore, and to take Orcanos' Soultimate.


  • "Orcanos" is derived from "Orc", a race of fantasy creatures that can come in black variants; the fact that he happens to resemble the color scheme of an Orca is likely a coincidence.
  • "Kuro Oni" translastes as "black oni".

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