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Peckpocket (Yokodori)

Peckpocket (Yokodori)

Peckpocket (Yokodori) - Youkai Watch

When Peckpocket has its eye on you, you'll start wanting other people's stuff. I'll take that!

Peckpocket is a very greedy and kleptomanic-minded Yo-kai, very willing to rob you high and dry and not have a single drop of remorse for this way of thinking. He enjoys stealing other's things.

Japanese Name : Yokodori
English Name : Peckpocket
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 164
Class : Eerie (Bukimi)
Rank : E
Element / Attribute : Absorption
Favorite Food : Hamburgers
Role : Ranger
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Glossy Skin
Special Effect : Snatch
Evolution : Peckpocket >> Bunbundori
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: When Peckpocket has its eye on you, you'll start wanting other people's stuff. I'll take that!

Peckpocket has the appearance of a plump, purple bird, with his belly being a different shade of purple. He has short legs with three talons (two in the front, one in the back). His eyes are long and narrow with yellow irises. His beak is wide and thin. He has a long gray feather sticking from his head that has a yellow leaf-like feather attached to it.


  • Peckpocket's recurring phrase, "What's yours is mine!", is likely a reference to Takeshi "Gian" Gouda from Fujiko Fujio's comic Doraemon, a corpulent bully who would often appropriate other kids' toys and books while saying "What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine!" This philosophy of his entered Japanese popular culture with the name "Gianism".
  • On its Yo-kai Medal portrait, Peckpocket is pictured stealing Roughraff's comb.
  • In the English version of Yokai Watch (game), Peckpocket's Voice sounded female, while in the English dub of Yokai Watch (anime), They made him male.
  • "Peckpocket" is a portmanteau of the words peck, the motion a bird makes when striking with its beak, and pickpocket, a criminal larceny where a person steals money or valuable items off of another person, and the victim is not aware of the theft at that time.
  • "Yokodori" means "seizing, snatching" in Japanese, while also sounding like "yoko-bird".
  • Peckpocket can be encountered and fought in the Yo-kai Watch demo. It can be found hidden in grass, trash, boxes, under balconies or in an fight against Noway. It can drop Fruit Drops and The Pest`s Quest.

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