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Kin & Gin

Kin and Gin mean "gold" and "silver" in Japanese. Kin and Gin are a pair of Boss Yo-kai and twins

Out of most Yo-Kai introduced in the anime -and the series in general-, they stand out for being both evil natured Yo-kai. This is evidenced by their extremely cunning and manipulative nature: after subjecting their targets to relive their past memories until reaching a point of important decisions, the pair offers a chance to change their minds and ensure a "better future"; however, this is all a ruse in order to achieve a much sinister objective.

Also, they hold human relationships and values like friendship and loyalty in very low regard, as evidenced by refering to Jibanyan's story with Amy as "stupid" as well as deriding Ishida Mitsunari as a "fool" and "lamenting" that nothing changed this time.

Japanese Name : Kin & Gin
English Name : Kin & Gin
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Boss (Bosu)
Rank :
Element / Attribute :
Favorite Food :
Role :
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill :
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Kin and Gin are a pair of identical twin Yo-kai. The are both old and wrinkled with grey skin. They both wear robes and a medal. They each have messy, poofy hair and a yellow diamond on their forehead. The difference is their coloration. Kin wears a red skirt, has lighter skin, blue eyes, and her hair, medal, and trimming on her robe is yellow. Gin's skirt is blue and her eyes are red. Also, her hair and trim are white and her medal is silver.

They are always together. In battle, the twins cover their own backs and put special care about each other.
Kin and Gin are Tokio Ubaune's most trusted underlings. Both of them serve her loyally and refer to her as "Motojime-sama" -when her identity is not yet revealed. The duo try to keep her in their side by stopping the player in his/her tracks in Shin'uchi.

Do is Kin and Gin' younger brother. Despite him worrying about them, going as far as reviving them after their defeat at the hands of Keizo/Fumiaki in Ganso and Honke, he is also somehow absent-minded, something that bothers Kin and Gin notably. His absentmindedness leads to their downfall in Shin'uchi, due to him using a wrong timestone despite Kin and Gin's warnings.

They have the power to manipulate time by performing a ritual that activates a giant clock. This allows them to rewind time to stop attacks and send people back in time to a point where they would make an important decision. This gives them a chance to change their mind and alter time, but to the benefit of Kin and Gin. They also have the power to revive Kaima Yo-kai and shoot lightning.

Kin and Gin, along with their younger brother Do, serve as secondary antagonists for the movie.
Kin and Gin bear a strong resemblance to Koume and Kotake from the Legend of Zelda franchise. Both pairs are aged, otherwise identical pallet swapped women with gems on their foreheads who can fly and directly serve a greater evil and are never seen apart (Majora's Mask notwithstanding). The only differences are that Kin and Gin do not merge and the duo of Koume and Kotake does not have an occasional third member.
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