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Do (Dou)

Do (Dou)

Do (Dou) - Youkai Watch

"Do" is most likely short for Seido (青銅), which means bronze. Do is a Boss Yo-kai encountered alongside Kin and Gin. He is Kin and Gin's younger brother.

Do is far more quiet than his sisters, to the point where hearing Do talk is a rare occurrence.

Japanese Name : Dou
English Name : Do
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Boss (Bosu)
Rank :
Element / Attribute :
Favorite Food :
Role :
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill :
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Do has all the powers Kin and Gin has. He also has knowledge of how to work Ubaune's machine on the off chance someone tries to tamper with it.


  • He is the only one of the three siblings not to not have a counterpart in the Infinite Inferno.
  • He is the only one of the three siblings to not have his name directly correspond with the medals they wear.

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