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Walkappa (Nogappa)

Walkappa (Nogappa)

Walkappa (Nogappa) - Youkai Watch

Most kappas stay in the water, but this one likes to walk around. He pours water on his head to make up for this.

In the anime, Walkappa is kind and brave. However, he does seem a little awkward. In the English dub of the anime, Walkappa speaks with a surfer accent. Walkappa's favorite food is pizza (in the English; sushi in the original version), he claims that kappas favoring cucumbers is a stereotype.

Japanese Name : Nogappa
English Name : Walkappa
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 096
Class : Charming (Purichi)
Rank : D
Element / Attribute : Water
Favorite Food : Vegetables
Role : Attacker
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Skilled Loafer
Special Effect : Nap Time
Evolution : Walkappa >> Appak
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: Most kappas stay in the water, but this one likes to walk around. He pours water on his head to make up for this.

Walkappa resembles a short, light-blue colored Kappa with a wide oval head, with equally wide lips. The top of his head is round and shiny, girded by grass-colored hair. He carries a small water bottle which is red in color.


  • "Nogappa" is a combination of nogamo (Japanese: 野鴨, Wild Duck) and kappa.
  • "Walkappa" is a portmanteau of walking (which Walkappa prefers to do over swimming) and kappa.
  • His love for pizza and his stereotypical surfer accent could be a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • As the name implies, Walkappa (as well as his evolution and Kappa) is based on the water creature called kappa (Japanese: 河童, kappa "river child") one of the most common youkai species. Physically, they're green-skinned, child-sized beings with webbed feet and the beak and shell of a turtle. On top of their heads there's a bald spot with a small cavity filled with water: it's the source of their strength, and if it's spilled or poured out they'll grow weak and eventually dry up, for which reason they rarely leave the rivers they inhabit.They're excellent swimmers, can stretch out their arms, and their favourite things are cucumbers and playing shogi. They also enjoy sumo wrestling, and will sometimes challenge humans to a match, only to use illusions to trick them into grappling with the air or some inanimate object. Though they normally only engage in this kind of pranks, some can actually be dangerous, and will even drown people swimming in their rivers or suck out their soul through their rear end.Most of the time, however, kappa are regarded as harmless or even friendly and beneficial. They'll always honor a debt, and are knowledgeable about medicines and fixing broken bones. In Tokyo, they are the symbol of Kappabashi-dori, the city's kitchen utensil district. Sushi rolls with cucumber instead of tuna are called kappamaki in their name.

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