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Sailornyan (Seeraanyan)

Sailornyan is a special Yo-Kai obtained from downloading Honke. She is a rare A rank yokai.

Like the yo-kai dictionary says, she is selfish but she is adorable.
Sailornyan has the power to heal her allies. Her skill is Moon Power which heals a bit of her allies HP when she is in the back and every turn that goes. Her sorcery is called Gokurakunojyustu (paradise jyustu) that heals her allies with a base power of 80-120. She can even scratch at you with the base power of 10-45 x2. Her soultimate is Go! Go! Lovenyan! which has a base power of 160 that heals all of her allies. When she possesses her allies, every turn they move, they get healed by a specific number depending on their Hp.

Japanese Name : Seeraanyan
English Name : Sailornyan
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Charming (Purichi)
Rank : A
Element / Attribute : Restoration
Favorite Food : Chocobo
Role : Healer
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Moon Power
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: A maiden Jibanyan who works on a ship. Since she's really has lots of girl power, she became popular among the sailors which caused her to become selfish

A pink kitty with red inner-ear coloring, a peach nose and matching blushed cheeks. Part of her face and the tips of all four paws are very pale pink. She has big shiny blue eyes and two tails with blue flames shaped like water droplets. She wears a sailor uniform with a red ribbon at the neck attached to her thin yellow collar with a big blue sphere in the center. A matching sailor cap rests on her head.


  • Sailornyan is the one of the 2 female Jibanyans that we know of with the other being Nyanmajo.
  • Sailornyan is a blatant reference to "Sailor Moon", what with the Sailor fuku outfit and the "Moon Power" she uses.

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