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Negatibuzz (Negativoon)

Negatibuzz (Negativoon)

Negatibuzz (Negativoon) - Youkai Watch

A Yo-kai that nurtures negativity and sucks it up with its needlelike nose.

In the anime, Negatibuzz has a very negative personality, which he passes on his inspirited targets.

Japanese Name : Negativoon
English Name : Negatibuzz
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 141
Class : Shady (Usurakage)
Rank : E
Element / Attribute : Absorption
Favorite Food : Juice
Role : Ranger
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Vampiric
Special Effect : Negativize
Evolution : Negatibuzz >> Moskevil
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: A Yo-kai that nurtures negativity and sucks it up with its needlelike nose.

Negatibuzz is an insect Yo-Kai that resembles a mosquito. Two skinny arms hang from him with a two fingered hand at the end of each limb. He wears a purplish-red robe with the hood up, with there black stripes on the sleeves. He has a ghostly tail instead of legs, with black bands as well. He hands his head down, with huge, bug eyes and a needle like nose. A pair of fly wings sprout from his back.


  • "Negatibuzz" is a portmanteau of the words negative or negation (as this Yo-kai invokes negative feelings in those he inspirits) and buzz, the sound a mosquito makes. "Negativoon" is effectively the same, with buun being the onomatopiea equivalent to "buzz".
  • Negatibuzz and its evolution might be based on the byouchuu ("disease bugs"), youkai insects that were once believed to spread diseases, regardless of the pathogens' true vehicle. History and folklore biographer Shigeru Mizuki speculated that they were actually the incarnation of the worries, paranoia and negativity that can ruin one's health as much as actual diseases.

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