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Jibakoma is a fusion of Jibanyan and Komasan.

Being a fusion of both Jibanyan and Komasan, it has absorbed attributes of their personalities. It's combined the pair's respective expressions "Nyan" and "Monge" to form "Nyange~!". It also ends its sentences with both "Nyan" and "Zura".

Japanese Name : Jibakoma
English Name : Jibakoma
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Charming (Purichi)
Rank : A
Element / Attribute : Fire
Favorite Food : Chocobo
Role : Attacker
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Fire Play
Special Effect :
Fusion: Jibanyan + Komasan = Jibakoma
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: Through some kind of crazy mishap, Jibanyan and Komasan have fused into one. A country bumpkin and a cool cat living together produces a considerably avant garde Yo-kai, indeed.

A pale-orange cat with mint-colored eyes and a pink nose. It's inner ears are blue, while it's chest, muzzle, and paws are white. Below each eye is a single pink swirl mark, which matches the red swirl on the left of it's stomach. It's tail is entirely made from a rich red flame, while it has wispy orange flames above each eye. It wears a gold collar with an aquamarine-colored sphere attached to it.

In the anime, during a stand-alone Fist of the North Star parody, Jibanyan (as Nyaoh, a parody of Raoh) and Komasan (as Komashiro, a parody of Kenshiro) used pressure points to give each other their unique traits in a comical and nonsensical fashion. The battle escalated more and more and they wound up fusing together inside a whirlwind. Oddly, due to being part of the parody, this particular version of the fusion did not actually involve a character with "Jiba" in their name.
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