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Grubsnitch (Tsumamiguinosuke)

Grubsnitch (Tsumamiguinosuke)

Grubsnitch (Tsumamiguinosuke) - Youkai Watch

If you can't stop snacking before dinner, Grubsnitch is probably nearby.

In the anime, Grubsnitch is a very gluttonous Yo-Kai, choosing to possess humans in order to pass on this trait and satisfy his hunger. When threatened, he does not budge and tries to fight back; however, he admits defeat when overpowered. His favorite phrase, which is also present when possessing his targets, is "Otsumami!".

Japanese Name : Tsumamiguinosuke
English Name : Grubsnitch
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 115
Class : Heartful (Pokapoka)
Rank : D
Element / Attribute : Earth
Favorite Food : Ramen
Role : Ranger
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Snitch
Special Effect : Gluttony
Fusion: -
Evolution : -
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: If you can't stop snacking before dinner, Grubsnitch is probably nearby.

Grubsnitch resembles a small boy with tan skin, blue hair tied in a topknot, and round green eyes. He wears a beige kimono, a green straw skirt, and goes barefoot. He is usually seen drooling from the right side of his mouth.

Grubsnitch might be based on the old urban legend of Perori Taro, about a boy with such an irrefrenable appetite for food his parents chased him out before he would drive them to starvation. From then on he wandered the country, getting hungrier and hungrier and begging people for food, causing them to run away when they saw him.
"Tsumamiguinosuke" is a combination of tsumamigui (つまみ食い, eating food before a meal begins) and suke (助), a common part of a male given name.
"Grubsnitch" is a portmanteau of the words grub, slang for generic food or to take food, and snitch, to steal of pilfer something of minimal value. Yokai Watch List of Youkai

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