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Goldenyan (Gorunyan)

Goldenyan (Gorunyan)

Goldenyan (Gorunyan) - Youkai Watch

Goldenyan glistens with purrfection. Meow meow. Truly priceless.

In Whisper's dream the anime, Goldenyan is a bit vain; it states it can only shine in certain places since it is Gold-plated. It also leaves when Katie summons it with her Yo-kai Watch, Similar to Robonyan, it says "I'll be back" when it leaves.

Japanese Name : Gorunyan
English Name : Goldenyan
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 081
Class : Tough (Goketsu)
Rank : S
Element / Attribute : Thunder
Favorite Food : Seafood
Role : Tank
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Gold Guard
Special Effect : Gold Power
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: Goldenyan glistens with purrfection. Meow meow. Truly priceless.

A gold-plated robotic Cat Yo-kai. It has big sky blue eyes, an orange nose, and dull blue inner-ear. It has a wide opened mouth and pale yellow muzzle and chest. A big blue sphere rests in the center of the chest. Where his arms begin is a single piece of brown material, matching the pale brown band around the stomach. A jetpack is visible on the back, while the tail flames are blue. It´s appearance is almost identical to Robonyan´s. It speaks with a high pitched voice, almost sounding like a female's.

Despite only appearing in a dream, Goldenyan has its Yo-kai Medal registered in the Recap Time of said episode, along with Shadow Venoct.
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