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Ittangomen - Youkai Watch

Ittangomen - Youkai Watch

A scroll Yo-kai with a yellow body and four arms. He possess blue horns and is seen smiling and as well in his possessed victims

He and who he possesses half-heartily apologizes by going "Gomen, gomen, ittan gomen."

Japanese Name : Ittangomen
English Name : Ittangomen
Represent: Inanimate Object / Multi-Armed / Ghost-tailer Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 059
Class : Mysterious (Fushigi)
Rank : D
Element / Attribute : Thunder
Favorite Food : Curry
Role : Ranger
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Apology
Special Effect :
Evolution : Ittangomen >> Ayamaridaoshi
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Ittangomen is based off of Ittan-Momen
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