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Yo-Kai Guts K (Youkai Gattsu Kee)

Yo-Kai Guts K (Youkai Gattsu Kee)

Yo-Kai Guts K (Youkai Gattsu Kee) - Youkai Watch

Yo-Kai Guts K is Keizo, Nate's grandfather who had passed away. He knows Nate and his grandmother very well as they are his family members. When he was around the same age as Nate, he was accompanied by a friend Yokai named Fuyunyan. Not only that, but he has many Yokai friends that he had saved. This is because he always thinks of himself as a hero.

According to the first Yokai Watch Movie in Japan, he seems have a wild yet positive personality when he is alive (A.K.A, Keizo). He is fearless and stands towards Kaima Yokai and he won't give up until justice is served. However, this changes to a quiet and curious type of personality when he is a Yokai. He always seemed to watch Keita when he was near him. In the game, however, you can see him as a hard-working person with the same personality of Keizo.

Japan Name : Youkai Gattsu Kee
English Name : Yokai Guts F
Represent: xxx Yo-kai
Medallium Number :
Class : Brave (Isamashi)
Rank : B
Element : Wind
Favorite Food : Snack
Role : Attacker
Character :
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Victory Guts
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Yo-Kai Guts K is a Yokai that looks like a dark shadow with yellowish white eyes and a cape. He represents Keizo, a character from the second game that helps you through out the story.
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Yo-kai Guts K has a skill called Victory Guts, which allows him to dodge many sorcery attacks. His special move is called "Final Guts!" This will not damage the foe but it will replenish all his health. Plus, he gets to possess himself, which gives him a high boost in all stats.

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