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Wazzat (Wasurenbou)

Wazzat (Wasurenbou)

Wazzat (Wasurenbou) - Youkai Watch

It fits snugly on your head before it devours your memories. It can be nice to forget the bad ones... or to just wear a hat.

In the anime, Wazzat starts out appearing haughty and shows off his power to Nate. He also thinks very little about cheating. However, it is revealed that he actually felt both lonely and abandoned since he was forgotten by his previous owner. Wazzat is also the first Yo-Kai to get unintentionally angry at Nate and try to actually attack him.

Wazzat has the power to "eat" anyone's memory, causing them to become forgetful. He does this by biting or sitting on top of their head. When he does, a very light blue mist comes from his eyestalks. He can remove memories selectively, but sometimes he can do it by accident when his intent is pure, such as when he unintentionally removed Nate's memories when he merely offered to shade his head for him.

Japanese Name : Wasurenbou
English Name : Wazzat
Represent: Hat Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 047
Class : Mysterious (Fushigi)
Rank : E
Element / Attribute : Wind
Favorite Food : Candy
Role : Ranger
Character : Male
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Forget to Guard
Special Effect : Memory Eater
Evolution : Wazzat >> Maison de Wasure
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: It fits snugly on your head before it devours your memories. It can be nice to forget the bad ones... or to just wear a hat.

Wazzat is a green yokai that resembles a top hat. It has thick and gummy purple lips that form the brim with scattered square teeth. It has a red bow or ribbon around it to act like Wazzat's nose. On top are two eye-stalks with swirled eyes.


  • Wazzat being originally a discarded hat references the tsukumogami, a species of yo-kai that are born from inanimate objects (hats, mirrors, scissors, etc.) that have been discarded and later gained sentience after a set amount of time.
  • "Wazzat" is a corruption of the English phrase "What's that?" and the word hat. It could also be a play on words that this Yo-kai was an ordinary hat before he became a spirit ("was a hat.") His name may also be an allusion to the term whatchamacallit, a person, place or thing that is unremembered or unidentifiable ("What is that"?)
  • "Wasurenbo" is a slightly corrupted version of the same kanji "to forget" (Japanese: 忘, Wasureru & Bō ) uttered twice in different reading methods (Kun'yomi and Kan'on). It can also mean "to neglect", referring to Wasurenbo's origin. It is also a combination of 忘れん坊 (Japanese: Wasurenbou, "Forgetful person") and 帽子 (Japanese: Boushi, "hat").
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