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Sergeant Burly (Buri Taichou)


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Sergeant Burly (Buri Taichou) - Youkai Watch

Sergeant Burly (Buri Taichou) - Youkai Watch

The much-loved boss of Burly's Bootcamp, he doesn't go easy on training Yo-Kai. Do you even lift, Yo?

As an Oni-type Yokai, Sergeant Burly is stubborn and strict, though he takes on a more benign quality and instead uses his strict methods to encourage self-improvement through exercise and dedication. He is a tough coach, however, and the word "Oni" is quite apt in describing how he implements his regimen. Overcoming his difficult challenges can be very rewarding. He is very charismatic, and many follow his exercise routine. He's also very passionate about his line of work.

Japanese Name : Buri Taichou
English Name : Sergeant Burly
Represent: Oni / Humanoid Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 023
Class : Brave (Isamashi)
Rank : C
Element / Attribute : Thunder
Favorite Food : Hamburgers
Role : Ranger
Character : Male
Time : Present Youkai
Skill :
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio: The much-loved boss of Burly's Bootcamp, he doesn't go easy on training Yo-Kai. Do you even lift, Yo?

Sergeant Burly resembles a very human-looking Oni, with the fangs, horn and loincloth of his Yokai form, but with more handsome, chiseled features and bronze skin. He is very muscular and wears a pair of yellow hand wraps and an army-green exercise outfit consisting of a tightly-fitting tank top and spats underneath his loincloth.

Sergeant Burly represents a friendlier take on the self-improvement aspect of Terror Time, where one improves through adversity, but with less of the violent, ruthless aspect that Oni like Gargaros provide.

Sergeant Burly is also largely the reason why the Yo-kai Watch Busters have become mobilized.
Sergeant Bully makes you exercise until you seem fit enough to him.


  • "Captain Bully" is not only a twist on "Billy" (see above) but can be read as though he's a mean person who's in charge, an image a tough instructor who gets results would probably enjoy having.
    In a similar vein, "Oni" is often a derogatory term a student uses on an instructor they feel is overly strict and demanding, a role Captain Bully fits to a "T", down to his appearance.
  • "Sergeant Burly" follows the naming structure of his Japanese name of a B-starting personal name and a military-styled title, with "burly" being used to reflect this Yo-kai's muscular stature.
    "Sergeant" can also be used in the form of "Drill Sergeant", to describe someone in a similar vein to the above reason for Captain Bully.
  • Sergeant Burly is based on famous African-American fitness guru personality Billy Blanks, the creator of the Tae Bo exercise program, who is nicknamed in Japan as Captain Billy (Japanese: ビリー隊長 Birī-taichō). Burly also has Billy's yellow hand wraps, and in the games borrows one of Billy's iconic exercise arm motions. "Bully's Beat Camp" is a reference to "Billy's Boot Camp".

    It should be noted that Billy had been a regular in Japan since 2006, and his current/second wife is his Japanese interpreter.

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