Category: Wicked

The Wicked / Kaima tribe (Japanese: 怪魔族 Kaima-zoku) are a special and ninth Yo-kai Tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2. They are subdivided in three groups:

Kaima Executives, a group composed by powerful, humanoid Yo-kai ranked S, which are the first Yo-kai in this class listed in the Yo-kai Medallium, found after the Legendary Yo-kai and before the Local Yo-kai.
Kai Servants, a group of Classic Yo-kai, controlled by Kaima creatures, appearing similar to their normal counterparts, with the difference being their darker color scheme and a purple foggy mask with red eyes in their faces. All Classic Yo-kai below Rank A have been promoted 1 Rank above their original rank.
A third group of Kaima Yo-Kai which are not registered in the Yo-kai Medallium and cannot be befriended. They are also responsible for putting the Classic Yo-kai under Tokio’s control and turning them into Kai Servants.
Although the player can get their Yo-kai Medals complete with their own summoning song in the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, they are unusable in battle until Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin’uchi; after purifying Tokio Ubaune, the player can find then befriend the Kaima Executives around different buildings of Springdale. In addition to using the Kaima Executives, the player can “evolve” Classic Yo-kai into their Kai Servant counterparts by combining them with the Kaima Element.