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Bakezori (Bakezouri)

Bakezori (Bakezouri) - Youkai Watch

Bakezori (Bakezouri) - Youkai Watch

Bakezori is the Yo-Kai responsible for when you think you heard footsteps behind you, as if someone was following you, but no one is there when you turn to check.

Japanese Name : Bakezouri
English Name : Bakezori
Represent: Footwear / One-Eyed / Classic Yo-kai
Medallium Number : 041
Class : Mysterious (Fushigi)
Rank : E
Element / Attribute : Earth
Favorite Food : Snacks
Role : Attacker
Character : Men
Time : Present Youkai
Skill : Benchwarmer
Special Effect :
Evolution :
Yo-kai Medallium Bio:

Bakezōri is based on the youkai of the same name, born from an old straw sandal: along with the Karakasa-obake it's one of the most common tsukumogami (youkai born from old items). They come alive at night and frolic around the house, but aside from the scares they may cause they're actually fairly harmless.

This Bakezori's habit of synchronizing his steps with a human's references an altogether different Youkai, this one known as a Betobetosan. Formless (though artistically depicted as a white, spherical youkai with a giant toothy mouth with legs and wooden sandels), these Youkai are named after the sounds of wooden sandels as they walk. Betobetosan synchronizes its pace with walkers and follows them as long as it can, getting closer as they continue to follow, disturbing greatly whomever they are shadowing. To get rid of a Betobetosan, one simply has to step to the side and say, "After you, Betobetosan", and the youkai walks on.

In northern Fukui, a Betobetosan which appears during cold winter sleet storms is known as "Bishagatsuku", the name coming from the "bisha bisha" sound its phantom feet make in the slush-filled streets.
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